Cutting off from the path of simple and pure logic where no ideas beyond common consensus can be entertained without fear of ridicule or the like we may still achieve fairly solid reasoning to at least some aspects of the issues, regardless that not all aspects may be so easy to determine. And what is the issue? 

The paranormal…. 

Having decidedly different views from the mainstream of both science and religion, most paranormal interests are often involved with the darker practices of the occult of which I have very little to say about and little to say about religion as well, but as for science let us assume that while we may not know what exactly our experience of some sort of phenomena might be if we should have such an experience, there is however something I’ll hope you find useful that we can detail and is about expectancy. For instance I will not try to shed light on what exactly a given matter might be such things as whether or not Bigfoot is an ape or a hybrid or interplanetary traveler etc. or whether aliens are demons or people in the future etc. there are far too many mysteries for me to solve on all these matters, but let us say not so fast on that matter as far as expectancy is concerned. What do I mean by expectancy? I simply am referring to our ability to predict whether or not any such encounter may occur and what that consequence may be, which has obvious advantages if you can prepare for such events or avoid them etc. Now why am I about to bring up none other than the darker of forces; the vampire? Well they are such grotesque creatures of myth, hideously psychotic cannibalistic monsters that only a severely disturbed person would choose such a path as to become involved with the all to well known vampirism trend sweeping the globe…. I ramble, so back to the point the point is that the old tale that “you (if you are unlucky enough that is) have to welcome a vampire into your home before it can enter” is not merely a tale of myth and fantasy related to folklore, but it is an undeniable fact that we have to create openings in our life to allow outside forces in. Now as for the vampire trend these people have grown accustomed to it is solely based on their mind-set, their beliefs literally justifying dark things and the like such as sadistic ideas involved with the issue and other related issues such as magic and sorcery and the like and after a while once you take that and shake it up for a bit you have a vampire cocktail to down. In other words through the building of complex belief systems and perspectives on the issue they then become willing to act on those ideas and tendencies involved or similar to such practices slowly building up, getting them closer and closer, until like attracts like and they begin to involve directly more and more with the actual practice. Because after all we act on what we believe, now at such a point the person may begin to attract other outside things into their life further leading them into the reality of the actual issue regardless of whether that reality matches their initial conception…. So we can see that you do not necessarily just become a vampire instantly, for the most part there would be a working up to that point an initial process that has to start and it starts more or less mentally, you have to open up to it in order to go all the way with it and this applies to encountering such a phenomena you have to open up to it or you very likely wont attract it into your life more or less. Think about it like this did you ever cut off a situation abruptly even if not overly rude by simply saying or doing something not conducive to that scenario? Well the same thing applies to the paranormal. So not only do we have a greater likely hood of pursuing and looking for certain sides of reality, if we have put much thought into that reality, thus making it easier to spot when we at last do encounter it, while it may slip other peoples awareness. But in order to further pursue it we must also be open to that idea as well not merely believing something is possible and then recognizing it during a experience, but further more we actually decide how we are going to respond to such encounters and whether or not we let it in or reject it. Now deep down inside our minds may associate the symbolism of what the monsters we see on TV really are in reality while we may not be consciously aware of it if we were to have a fear of vampires for instance it might be our subconscious minds way of telling us that we are encountering dangerous people from time to time etc. (if that’s your issue I highly recommend reading books on criminal psychology after all they know how to deal with that issue) and so if we have a strong belief against accepting something we are very unlikely to accept it, even going so far to subconsciously reject it by what ever measures necessary in order to avoid that reality all together. And so where we stand morally and what we believe we do or don’t deserve and what ideas we entertain and our belief system we build is really to a great extent going to limit what, how, where and when and to what degree we experience any of the paranormal realities and that is a good thing because many times less is more folks and I’ll be the first one to say that and while it may not reveal the entire truth of what those things are we do know we can greatly influence whether or not we experience them and believe me I had at least a few very paranormal experiences that I will not detail because I simply do not want to go on the record for it and labeled a cook or the like as many such experiences that many people are having verge on madness in the eyes of main stream society even though ironically those with no belief in the paranormal realties are at best grossly naïve. 

So if you would like to protect yourself, first off stop entertaining dark thoughts & unclean ideas as soon as they sprout -weed them out! Until it becomes a habit of keeping things on the clean side. Then you may simply boost moral, do anything you can think of to forgive yourself and others and be peaceful and forgiving where ever you can and always tell yourself you deserve good things and that you do not deserve bad things and justify it by logic. Then role play that idea that you are in the right and act on that idea, see it in your environment and feel it as if playing a part on a stage. And while you are doing this also be aware of your surroundings and be real with anyone you encounter do not play make believe games with people, always maintain your responsibility, your right to choose your path without letting other people finish your sentence for you or tell you where to go next or what to do, have enough balls to say no in one context or another especially to people you do not know. It is building this self determination to guide ones self combined with your sense of moral and what ideas you entertain that will help enable you to avoid the majority of the issues related to negative paranormal encounters, but this is not really intended as any sort of invincibility or the like as that would be ridiculous, but here consider that someone were to not do any of that -well they would be much more likely a victim of the potentially negative side of paranormal realities. I actually highly recommend my book as it serves as a method of personal growth that can help with just about any area of concern. And comparative wise lifting weights all the time does not make you invincible either right? Obviously most of us can understand that argument I just don’t want to be held on the record as claiming this is some sort of perfect recipe for invincibility. No of course not, this is instead some basic common grounds anyone can recognize and make use of fairly easily. Having a glass does not mean you have a glass of water, but it does make that potential more likely once you can find a faucet.

Now having practiced prayers and meditation before, during and after taking this picture having gone to great lengths to set it up, but have no idea what exactly would occur, I simply took a picture with a digital camera of the full moon (to the south I believe) on the date of about 8/1/2007 at about 12:01 A.M. Pacific Time (King County, WA) and what happened was I put the camera setting for low light conditions and it captured an image over about a 1 minute period of time of the full moon zigzagging back and forth across the cameras lenses and I actual took the picture without seeing any thing beforehand and the effect that was captured was non edited and in the cameras line of view. Same thing with “A Little Fire…” (on about 8/17/2007 at about 1:35 A.M.) picture except that one was taken instantly and the effect was not created by any sort of zigzag effect, but either way I took the picture before actually seeing anything.

 Now listen anyone can do this, but very rarely will you find paranormal pictures that are in fact artistic what so ever, like the ones I offer, making them even rarer because I know very well people in the know will be able to identify what these images are and I will never publicly release that info. I charge a price ($50,000.00 + 99.97 shipping) that virtually guarantees that you will have a rare piece that will very likely never be mainstream. Why? Because I do not “owe it” to anyone and I went to great lengths to make it so selling it at a cheap thrill price of 150 bucks is a waste of my time, after all as the story goes, if you knew at least, which you won‘t because I will not tell anyone, I am lucky to have gotten this far would sum it up. So getting cheap art is something anyone can do but if you know someone who can get unexplainable paranormal pictures this good (completely non edited pics with no effects etc.) tell them to start their own business doing it. Easier said than done (then done, which ever you prefer). This is a very tight niche if you want someone to snap a pic of something you might be interested in well good luck with that it probably aint gonna happen. You might try emailing me with a request, literally tell me every single thing about what it is that you are looking for and in what context you want the image, so I know what you are looking for very, very specifically, but please do not think I have magic powers and can simply get anything and everything anyone might inquire about as this whole thing has been a work in progress and I might have no idea WTF you are talking about etc. but I am open to ideas (mostly just to see what people want) and I will not judge you as some quack, also I’ll only do legal things so I’m not hopping fences etc., but yes as far as I am concerned I can explore new territory with this whole thing. But I can only guarantee you that I will not give you a hoax as I do not trick people with this sort of thing, never have, never will, as I take this very seriously and its not impossible, it, the paranormal, is rather un-likely. And as for actually doing it I probably won’t do that anytime soon either as I haven’t been into this sort of thing for many years for reasons I will not ever explain. If I get back into taking these sort of pics I still wont explain it either. Believe me I have my reasons and when I am going to take a break from this I will and I will do so with out any explanation so please do not ask me why because it is a private matter. 

So back to the whole argument. People can do this sort of thing but getting something cool might be harder than something less specific. For instance snapping a pic of a face in the clouds might be very easy for virtually any one. Go ahead try it, you’ll probably have some success with that the first day. And technically it does qualify as some sort of anomaly right? Depending on how obvious the image is once the pic is analyzed or developed. Yes it is an anomaly, if any distinguishing image appears for the most part, it is paranormal, there is virtually no way of scientifically proving how this can occur. Think about it like this in my book I detail a lot about hypnosis and somewhere in there I detail specifically how to create a false positive and how our mind may play tricks on us and how we can consciously use it to our advantage, that is to consciously interpret our experience of the space/time field. But this sort of thing while it would make sense if it were in our mind, it is actually in the external world of space/time. Seemingly thought like manifestations that are real enough to be able to photograph them as if some sort of intelligence is shaping the clouds in the sky for instance or manifesting through it if you like, what ever, it simply can’t be explained very easily, thus paranormal, whether the intelligence shaping it is the object itself or whether such objects are merely projections, its all debatable, who knows what this stuff really is. But it is happening if we look hard enough. I recommend taking literally hundreds of pictures and then analyzing them and if that did not work do it again later until it does, sooner or later something is bound to show up if you keep looking, its that simple.

Also it is a very real phenomena that while actually taking paranormal pictures many times such pictures are only discovered after the fact but not before or during. Many ghost pictures are only realized to be of such nature after the picture is developed and looked over and while the picture was taken no one was aware of the matter. So we can see that we can align with certain potentials, but we must be aware of the concept that even then our mind may filter out such occurrences while the camera will not, so taking pictures constantly is highly recommended, not just merely waiting for something to happen and then reacting to that after it starts. Take for instance u.f.o.s well if you were going to catch one you probably need a video camera on top your roof reordering 24/7 combined with some sort of flying object detection software if you are going to have any likely hood of catching it, if and when it does happen. Because it may be so very brief, if that is your interest at least and many other interests may be brief as well obviously. And these couple of very simple issues really are what’s keeping people from getting their paranormal pics -if you want to say there are realities to some of these sort of tales … 

tales some of which may actually be true…
The Full Moon
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A Little Fire...
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CRITICAL UPDATE: News just in!!! I have acquired a new camera with a very good lens and a tripod for about 200 dollars (literally!) this thing is NICE and so I should be able to get a new picture of the full moon with literally PERFECT FOCUS, so good in fact it may be priced at about 500,000.00 dollars. This price is whether it turns out or not folks, time is money and I am a very busy man and IF it turns out really good -it very well may be priced at 1 million dollars. And who knows maybe we’ll see big foot or an alien on the moon this time, but I am still reading the manual for the camera so I have not determined if its zoom is capable of that, so be ABSOLUTELY certain to check back here often for more critical updates....