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"Committed to helping people achieve their recovery ... if they want it."
“I want recovery to feel right for people, I want them to know that it is what they want and need for where they are in life. Doing the necessary work to change is what makes the quitting part natural. Forcing yourself to quit may work for some people but doing it without changing is what makes it hard to do. It is the changing (your belief system) part that then makes quitting easy (or at least easier), you need to change your addict mentality and gain a pro-sober belief system first. Doing this makes quitting a whole lot more meaningful. Once you have a pro-sober belief system the addiction falls away. And if the changes you make in your mentality (and perspective) are genuine, your recovery will be genuine too. This is what gives people the ability to put something down and the commitment to stay off it. It’s a pro-sober belief system held with conviction that sets people free, and believe me I want people to know it (freedom from addiction).” 

Douglas is also an artist “I want to expand peoples expectations with my photography and art, showing them something beyond …” 

"I want people to do what they want to do in the context that I want them to overcome their inner conflict so that they do not have desires to use any more so they are then in genuine recovery and can simply get on with their life and live the life they want doing what they want, I am not trying to take any thing away from any one I want to show people that substance abuse is a loss not a gain and that they won’t be losing anything by quitting but instead that sobriety is the gift worth seeking." 
"Real-Life-Self-Made" Addiction Expert,
Author, Paranormal Photographer, Artist,
Founder of www.therealmofdouglas.com
“I'm really not a know it all type guy, ironically as an expert I do not claim to know it all (concerning addiction and psychology) and I do not need to know it all, because I know a better way that is much more simple than other methods. So what I do claim is that I have my own self made expertise in my own methodology, that is scientifically based, that empowers people to quit (just like I did) much more effectively with much greater willpower (hint: it does not take much) than the other more complicated methods being taught by the “gurus” and yet negates the need for most of the complicated stuff those other methods teach (while delivering better results in a much faster time frame). My methods are simpler yet more effective and much more empowering and allows anyone to be able to master their addiction(s) which is much more important than just simply quitting. If you want the ability to quit that I have, you can talk to the dead (they have probably quit fairly effectively) or you can come to me and guess what I am not special - any one can do this with my techniques and my product line. Listen I have hacked addiction and I can show you how to hack your own addiction, literally go in there and change everything you want and then get the real results you need. End your internal conflict, increase your functional willpower, decide your sober path, realize your new life and get on with your better future, while avoiding all the things that go wrong for so many users out there; a loss of family relations and friends, loss of custody, loss of potential education/career or otherwise, loss of money or rights, incarceration, institutionalization, diseases related to abuse or worse - your death or the death of a loved one who followed your example. The sooner anyone starts working on avoiding all those nightmare scenarios the better. And that’s what www.therealmofdouglas.com is about, it is about people … people overcoming the odds plain and simple. And that’s my expertise; making simplistic yet functional recovery accessible, to anyone and everyone.” 
Douglas Bodaczewski
“To work making progress is easier than sitting through the misery of stagnation.”
The original founding author of the ultimate secret of true substance addiction recovery…