​So (from the link above) can you tell I really like anomalies? Yes well all that really is; is something similar to taking a picture of say a face in the clouds sort of thing we’ve all seen, but my personal experience is that waiting for the event, then taking the picture really misses the point that your mind filters out most of the type of pictures you could take anyway, but the camera does not. So this is very common with ghosts etc. it is often only after the pictures are developed that the photographers make the discovery; “Wow what the heck is that?” now you might say this sort of thing may not apply to everything perhaps Bigfoot for instance, but think on how unlikely it is to find an already paranormal event and then literallhave the time to pull out a camera and snap a pic or two not too likely folks making the paranormal para-never, so if you want U.F.O. pics you probably need to film the sky line 24/7 with software that detects flying objects is my guess, so I actually believe and trust me I went to great lengths to set these pictures up that anyone can do this in fact kids can probably do this, but just being in the habit of expecting it, make sure you really expect it deep down inside and trust your instincts of what you think will work or you are basically fighting your own minds ability to be where it needs to be at the right time and place to get the pic and then literally taking pictures even when and as you do not actually consciously see anything is probably many times more likely to catch something that has happened. I know that makes no sense to many people the natural tendency would be to wait first. Think when the last time you saw a face in the clouds and if you had waited to take the picture would you get it and if you took the picture would you see even more than you originally had noticed? For instance in a mere second a shape in a candle flame can come and go so fast that you might not consciously be aware of it but of course if you had snapped the picture at that point it would certainly show up none the less. My full moon picture is a non edited pic taken over an extended period of time of about a minute or so at about midnight of literally the full moon and the image that it took is created by the actual blur of the moon zigzagging back and forth in the cameras lens over that period of time making an image that appears to be something, I’ll let you the viewer decide what that something is, but the point being it is completely or at least relatively unexplainable how the heck that image showed up. All I can tell you is that I had made some prayers and was meditating while taking the picture hoping something would show up but it was a total surprise that is what showed up so maybe conscious intention can effect this sort of thing as well, any ones guess, as for the unaltered pic of fire I had done the same thing except it was taken instantly and well there are some interesting things going on with that too, how exactly seeming randomly generated patterns can show up in a cameras view I do not exactly know. But in my book I explain how to create false positives in your field of perception through conscious interpretation of ones environment but the problem here is that this stuff does not seem to be in my mind, it appears to be in the external world of space/time. Now believe me I think the paranormal to be good fun at least at a safe and sound distance with enough room to get on with your life but in my book for the most part I really only detail psychologically sound advice for clearing up ones thinking and not so much on anything magical and mystical like everyone else under the sun seems to think is self development. I’ll honestly admit “less is more” I like being grounded and doing real things, but as we can see some of these paranormal things are also a reality and it sort of fun to get into from time to time. So you might think I to be obsessed with magic or something but really nothing could be further from the truth and in my book I really detail what I personally believe and it’ all about being realistic and it’s a simple fact that relying on paranormal things such as mysticism or magic really is the same or similar thing as relying on unlikely things with paranormal be unlikely or unreliable there for it does not make very good advice especially if most of that advice is not well explained (most spiritual advice is actually very generic and poorly explained as to actual details of function and heavily relies on trusting the teacher in good faith with out complete explanations often using cop out terms that negate any actual details) so don’t try to say I some magic man freak because I’m really not, but I do have an open mind and I think there are realities to the metaphysical even if most labels put on them might not be entirely accurate. But I still look into these type of ideas from time to time, I just simply do not believe in something or theory that cant be reasonably proven so for now my own opinion, you are entitled to yours, is I claim these pictures are anomalies and who knows what the heck they really are folks!! So while many people might be quick to judge this sort of thing I personally just think it to be a form of paranormal art differentiated by other paranormal pictures that have virtually no artistic value these on the other hand are quite artistic. Please note none of my other art is of this nature instead only these two pics are anomalies. So there you go folks write me a question if you have any picture requests and Ill see if I can snap them for you but no guarantees as I really haven’t done any of this for many years and I might not do any more and after all if I try they might not come out any way, hey I didn’t claim to have magic powers folks! But so far so good, so what do I believe about magic? Trust me I really don’t care for it at all but that does not mean it does not exist either, its just not my interest and I think it to be much better advice for most people to keep their head geared towards reason and logic and not fairy tales but who knows maybe some tales are real
Hey what the F*** is that ???