TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By purchasing products through this online service you are agreeing to these terms: "Purchase one copy per individual user only. Products available from can not replace medical treatment if needed. Please follow all laws of your jurisdiction. No resell rights are given what so ever. All sales are final. No refunds. The replacement and upgrade service is not guaranteed and may be revoked or declined at anytime for any reason at the sole discretion of Douglas Bodaczewski . This service is only available to current customers and only for previously purchased products by such customers. This service requires customer info and adequate proof of previous purchase, including order number/receipt number and may also require other order info. This is not a back up service. Any attempts to abuse this service will result in the immediate banning from the use of this service. Illegal copies will not be replaced or updated. This service only applies to digital products either on DVD or by download and does not apply to any hard copy books. This service only applies to The Pro-Sober Program © and The Self Development Program ©. All replacements and upgrades will be the latest versions and no previous versions will be made available." WARNING: If you have any health diagnosis and/or reason for concern, I strongly advise that you research your illness AND get your doctors advice before using any of these BRAIN WAVE ENTRAINMENT products available from Note: I am not a doctor and can not give medical advice. Please do NOT use any brainwave entrainment products if you have any medical condition or disorder that might be aggravated by using entrainment audio or blinking images etc. with out the consent of your health care provider. Refer to item description concerning brainwave entrainment.

What is it for? Simple…

Replacements: If for any reason you need your product replaced such as with loss etc.


Upgrades: If you would like the most current version of any product you have already purchased. If you do not see a more current version listed then you have the most current version, so check your PDF manual and see what version it is and compare that to the provided info. 

Or both of the above. Yes you can do both at one low price. Please include any and all products needed. Yes multiple combinations of products can be re-ordered at one low price, so please include everything you need per order that way you save money. However please do not include anything that you do not need.

DVD (mailed to your physical local): $12.95 + S/H ($5.25 S/H IN USA)

Download (via email link): $ 12.95

How? Simply click this link and fill out the form. Once you are approved I’ll send you a invoice in the next few days and all you have to do is pay the fee, then you get your products either by mail or as a download. This is where you can also check for available updates.

Why? Thus insuring all customers have low cost access to the latest editions and any needed replacements in case of loss etc. without breaking the bank.
"I need an upgrade for the new version do  really have to pay the full price all over again?"
"I think I lost my copy of my purchase, do I really have to pay the full price all over again?"