Compatibility: This product line is generally compatible with most Windows operating systems: Yes this may work on just about all Windows systems! To be sure simply test your system as detailed below. Please perform this test before ordering any products to ensure your system is compatible. Instead of listing a specific series of OS, testing is much more effective and reliable and it is very easy to do. 

More info about compatibility: The product files contained in both: THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM & THE SELF DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, are contained in the corresponding PDF documents with both DVD edition or the downloads and are not applications thus making them very compatible with most Windows systems. Where as apps usually only work for a given OS, with these you do not have to update your purchase for compatibility issues instead you update your PDF and media player software. Although eventually these products might need to be updated decades down the road you can then simply go to the updates and replacements page for low cost solutions and until you are in your 90‘s don’t worry about it. So these products are MP3 and MP4 (audio and video) that are “attached” to the PDF documents, so it is very easy to work with and you can save your audio and video files to your phone or tablet etc. for using where ever and when ever you wish, for maximum ease of use. Simply purchase and check your email where you will receive a password for your product, then save your product to your hard drive or memory stick first (be sure to save the file and not just open it) and then open your files and enter the password.This is very simple to work with and you can easily test your system even before you purchase, simply take the following steps to see if your system is compatible and has the necessary software in order to use the products available here. Simply click here to download this file then open it and enter the password (#’s only): [1234] Then open the attachments. Please note that most of the products will be PDF guides with attached audio/video files.

Be sure to have both a PDF viewer such as from:  

And be sure to have a media player such as: “Windows media player” free with Windows which is probably already installed on your Windows PC.  I highly recommend this product as it offers supreme ease of use and very functional.

Or you can try “real player” from:   I highly recommend this product as it provides a free limited online back up and is very functional.

O.K. When your system opens and plays all the audio and video then you have got everything you need to use the products contained in the programs. Get ready this is going to be awesome, you will be glad you made this decision -it will be an absoluter game changer.