INTRODUCING THE DOING WELL TODAY SERIES: The 100% totally free program for therapy and development. So here you go; a high quality free explorations program any one can do for therapy and development needs, right now, whether you are a current customer or you are simply looking for something that is 100% totally free. You can also add these into your entrainment program at the recommended rate of replacing 1-3 days of your normal entrainment sessions with these 7 Hz entrainment sessions and/or adding the non entrainment sessions to your schedule as well. It is not recommended to perform more than one of these sessions daily, nor to perform other companies entrainment in the same day as entrainment available from this site, so do one or the other but not both per day. The non entrainment versions of these videos may be used as often as desired. ALL the same benefits of entrainment and subliminal messages as detailed in the "WHY IT WORKS" section, please read carefully.

OVERVIEW: Simply listen to one 7 Hz entrainment session (week a) once each day consecutively for 7 days, no more, no longer, then take 1 week (7 days) off the entrainment and on those days use the non entrainment sessions (week b) 1 or more times each day. Be very careful to not perform more entrainment than is recommended here because these sessions are very powerful, so do NOT over use. Do not perform these sessions within 1 hour of driving any vehicle or operating any heavy equipment. For maximum effect plan on using any particular affirmation theme once daily for about 2-4 months.

STEP 1:  Choose a session to do then, take a brief moment to look over the affirmations listed in the session you are about to do (and for the success magnet session please use your own personal success affirmations because that session contains “classified: top secret” affirmations) before you actually perform the session. Then perform the following steps once or more times briefly.

STEP 2:  Briefly picture what this success (related to the affirmation) would look like visually and how it would feel emotionally, as if you are in the situation of having succeeded currently, while asking yourself the following affirmation out loud: 

“Why am I so happy to be doing so well at (gaining/achieving/getting/becoming etc.) _____ (insert affirmations)?” 

STEP 3: Then proceed to answer the next question out loud, in an attempt to attach or associate the previous affirmation to your current memory of your day from morning till the present. Be sure to fill in the blank with either a brief or detailed timeline and description of your day (today) from the moment you got up until where you are now and simply say:

 “Because I set everything up very well along the way today, having _____.”

STEP 4: Then say out loud:

 “And that is why I am so happy to be doing so well.” 

STEP 5: Proceed to perform the session either by sitting and watching with both video and audio (use with headphones with a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20 kHz) being sure to us the full screen mode. Then simply accept anything that comes to mind and let it be what ever it is and focus on your breath and just relax, letting things go as things come to mind, just let it come and go and just accept your self the way you are. Deep breaths from time to time may help quite a bit. The key here is to just clear your mind and be relaxed and at peace while watching and listening to the session. Or alternatively you may perform the session with out watching the video and only listening to the audio with headphones and a headphone extension cable while specifically performing the breathing technique for the entire duration of the audio session for deep relaxation and an immense sense of therapy.

STEP 6, OPTIONAL BREATHING TECHNIQUE: In a laying down position being careful to not move your limbs (makes it easier to relax) simply say the affirmation “So it is.” right before you breathe in, then breathe in all the way and briefly hold your breath with lungs open for about 2-4 seconds and then say “Let go.” right as you begin breathing out and be sure to let go of both your breath and your whole body all at once, so you just relax on every exhale letting your breath out like a balloon deflating all at once. Then repeat this breathing technique for the entire duration of the session. 

NOTE: This creates massive relaxation after a few minutes, so if you feel you want more relaxation simply make sure you never put the entrainment video on loop because it is NOT recommended to over do the (7 Hz) entrainment, however you can put the non entrainment video on loop because that does not matter and then just continue the breathing technique for another 10 - 20 minutes after the session, most people will find that after about 25-30 minutes they become extremely relaxed comparable to taking a prescription medication. Yes, it really is that intense if done properly.
DOING WELL TODAY, CLARITY (non entrainment)
Q: Why do we suffer as humans so much?

A: Well most of us have spent our entire lives in an environment set up to be dysfunctional to begin with and instead of changing it by the time we are adults fully molded by the environment we continue its legacy of dysfunction by simply putting most of our energy into thinking about the past and not the future, so we relive negative memories instead of pushing forward, so instead of creating resolutions we build on justifying and continuing our past issues. It is our ability to dream that will reawaken a new day of age and set free the captives of the past. Very few people employ strategies on a constant basis for this purpose … yet we can all do it, we can dream, we just have to realize that fact.

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 WARNING: If you have any health diagnosis and/or reason for concern, I strongly advise that you research your illness AND get your doctors advice before using any of these BRAIN WAVE ENTRAINMENT products available from www.therealmodouglas.com. Note: I am not a doctor and can not give medical advice. Please do NOT use any brainwave entrainment products if you have any medical condition or disorder that might be aggravated by using entrainment audio or blinking images etc. with out the consent of your health care provider. Refer to item description concerning brainwave entrainment.
Life is a manifestation experience we have as light bodies or souls manifesting as people starting at the embryonic stage onward, it is our physical doorway into who we were meant to be as physical beings … we are all the meaning life was meant to be; us.

Our refreshed, centered and hopeful yearning for a greater wealth of new options and a journey into an uncommon frontier begins as we realize and awaken to our inner self and our true identity, a natural state flowing like a river into our future teaming with life, light and the unknown; a place undreamt yet far more fantastic than hope itself…

What you’re acting on is where you are going; an open mind creates huge potential, a well learned and certain mind finds that potential in reality and a grateful mind does not forget it yet creates again…
I am now experiencing maximum clarity of thought.
I am now seeing very clearly.
I am now feeling very well.
I am now safe, centered and calm.
 (non entrainment)
(7 Hz entrainment)
Create a list of your own personalized affirmations.

Only the subconscious mind has clearance for this 
“CLASSIFIED: TOP SECRET” material please briefly write out your own personalized affirmations for success at any goal you may have in any context and the subliminal messages contained in this session will help cement, empower and trigger your personalized affirmations so as to bring them to life. So then of course you would use that with the instructions at the top of this page. OPTIONALLY: You may also simply recite them out loud or silently for the entire duration of the session, whether you just watch it or just listen to it or both, either way and the session will help greatly to enhance the effectiveness of your affirmations -very powerful session.The effect of this session may be dramatic and may slightly change your sleeping the first couple of days, so just accept it for what ever it is and stay positive and tell yourself “I am doing well.” and you’ll definitely make progress.