​Q: Why do I have willpower issues?
A: Because you are willing to use and that willingness comes from your addict belief system. You are then struggling against that willingness/motivation/desire. This interest in resisting also comes from your belief system. This whole problem is because your belief system is contradictory.

Q: Once I no longer have an addict belief system what happens?
A: You are then “Pro-Sober” and you will quit by default. Everything else will fall away. The purpose of becoming “pro-sober” is not just simply to quit using drugs, but more than that it is also for the purpose of completely eliminating any and all desires to use so that the inner conflict is completely over.

Q: How long does it take to quit using the method available at www.therealmofdouglas.com?
A: This can range on the average any where between 2 weeks to several months but there really is no set time frame. It all depends on your individual circumstance and how much thought and awareness you put into your addiction issues. When you make progress - that is what counts not the time frame. It is to be noted that progress with the entrainment happens very gradually about every 6 months, while the meditation has a same day therapeutic effect but generally takes about 30 or more days in a row of consecutive use to really begin to create the long term benefits. And the messaging takes at least 30 days consecutively as well. You’ll use “The Quit Using Drugs Plan …” as often as possible for maximum benefit but generally takes week after week to very slowly create the long term benefits. And as for “The Next Level …” many hours going through the entire process is needed many times. So if you have the time to do “the process” every day you may only need to do it for so long, but if you can only do it once every two weeks then it is going to take longer. The effects and benefits can build up over time even after you stop practicing some of this stuff, things may keep improving a while down the road, in other words not all of the benefits are instant and automatic directly within one day or so of using the materials. Instead some of the benefits might become apparent months down the road. So it is important to not expect miracles over night. As far as mastering your addiction, that can happen any where after about 6 months, but there is really no exact time frame, depending on how focused you are on the program I would estimate that the average person would potentially master their addiction at about 12 months into it and would continue to further master their addiction as long as they continued, but for some people it might take longer. There are added bonuses that expand the value of the program making it worth practicing for up to 5 years, an unbelievable value at just about the lowest prices anywhere. Mastering the addiction is what is important not just simply quitting (or forcing your self to quit) instead the internal conflict must be ended so you have no further interests in using - that is why it takes a while and that is what is important. That’s how you can become genuine in your recovery. Forcing yourself to quit with out ending your internal conflict is where half the addicts in recovery end up at some point and guess what? There is no point. So the real answer is to end the internal conflict, regardless of how long it takes.

Q: How long do I need to perform The Pro-Sober Program for maximum benefit?
A: Simply perform the program through its entirety even after you quit some where along the way, in order to receive maximum benefit as continuing the program will further your recovery even past that point. As far as the actual duration of the program, two options are recommended; for mild conditions performing a total of 6 (or more) months of the program is recommended. For chronic conditions performing the full 12 months of the program is recommended. That is a total of 2-4 months for Steps 1-5, a total of 2-4 months for Step 6 and a total of 2-4 months for Step 7. And of course you may perform the program longer than that if desired. This takes quite a while however the benefits may last a lifetime. 

Q: Do I really have to use all of your products in order to successfully quit?
A: Not necessarily … but it is highly recommended how ever because every addict who has had a hard time maintaining sobriety would have probably liked to underestimate how hard it could be to do so when they begin the quitting process. So in other words it is easier said then done and my products help you over do it to the max. So make sure you give your self all the tools you need to succeed.

Q: How do the products available at www.therealmofdouglas.com help me quit?
A: These products are designed to help you become “Pro-Sober” where you are eventually completely independent in your recovery, with out any further addiction issues.

Q: What does the term “Pro-Sober” mean?
A: Being “Pro-Sober” simply means that you know better than to abuse a drug for the high without medical need. This term also refers to a stubborn and relentless ability to maintain sobriety, because of a “Pro-Sober” belief system. People who are “Pro-Sober” do not have the same issues the average addict might have struggling to maintain sobriety, instead once “Pro-Sober” the ex-addict completely overcomes his/her addiction issues, and no longer has “triggers” or desires or interest to use. This is the level of sobriety that is effortless. This level of mastery can fit into many different sobriety models, any one can do it with the right tools.

Q: What is the best way to become “Pro-Sober“?
A: Honestly there are many methods that might work for you, some better than others but most of those methods do the same thing. They change your belief system concerning addiction, hypnosis for example changes your beliefs. The fact is there is virtually no other recovery option available anywhere that is as affordable as effective and as simple as the solution available at The Realm Of Douglas. You can even do it in the privacy of your own home.

​Q: Is there any specific time frame of when I need to quit following the steps at www.therealmofdouglas.com?
A: Simply put no. It will be different for everyone, you will know when it is right for you because you will have created the necessary change to be "Pro-Sober" and quitting will then be instinctive at that point this is extremely important because we want the necessary change to take place first so we do not end up relapsing. 

Q: In order to use the products available at www.therealmofdouglas.com do I have to give up on other methods that I am using?
A: Absolutely not, as long as you believe those methods are helping you then by all means keep at it. It is important to recognize that because my product line helps create a “Pro-Sober” belief system you can add it on to what ever else you are already doing or planning to do thus further enhancing your recovery success. 

Q: So what do I need to be able to do this entire program?
A: You need to have at least a little bit of hearing in both ears for the audio messages and entrainment to work and you need to be able to see good enough to read written documents and you need to be able to read and write or type and understand the English language proficiently. You will also need to have something preferably a PC that can both open PDF documents and play MP3 recordings you will need about 672 MB of space on your hard drive or memory stick etc. You will need a good pair of headphones with a frequency response of 20 Hz- 20 kHz. You may need a head phone extension (25’ or longer recommended) cord. You will need pen and paper or instead a pc for typing on - for your own personal notes and records. You will need to print and/or save the “PROGRESS WORK SHEET” available at the top of this page. You will need any major credit card to make your order and an email address to receive your order. You will need to purchase and perform each step 1-7 in this program, possibly about 1 or more per month and continue working the program for about 6-12 months or longer. Optionally you may need to stay grounded in some sort of either self development or religious practice while doing this program as it does not replace such. One idea is simply to buy a book from time to time to keep making progress in the different areas of your life or simply go to church if that is your thing. And you need to be as self motivated to work on your recovery issues (what ever they are) as you can because no one is going to do it for you or give it (recovery) to you, if someone could they would, but there really is no way to get it with out becoming it from your own internal efforts - it can only come from within, so do make the effort - it will pay off immeasurably.

Q: If I do not have any real addiction issues can I still use The Infinity Meditation program?
A: Yes you definitely may use the Infinity Meditation program even if you do not have addiction issues, simply do the "Self Development Edition". This will give you the technique and all the benefits of entrainment, whole brain synchronization, therapy etc. without the recovery related materials.

Q: Can I do other brain wave entrainment from other businesses along with The Infinity Meditation? 
A: Well first off as far as brain wave entrainment goes it is recommended to do one or the other on a per day basis only, but not both on a single day, however the entrainment is designed to be used as a stand alone program. However the actual Infinity Meditation technique can be used with virtually any entrainment, so you could just get the book “The Next Level …” and use the technique (it is in the book) along with whatever entrainment you already use, if you want to. It is to be noted however that most users should use the entire brainwave entrainment program for maximum results, as it is a very important part of the program steps 1-7. I can not verify the value of any other companies products. The Infinity Meditation products I sell are custom designed for recovery from addiction and will add a tremendous amount of value to your sobriety efforts. If you want the full value of this program it is absolutely essential to do all the steps including steps 5, 6 and 7.

Q: What if I have a hard time focusing on the affirmations in The Infinity Meditation?
A: If you are having a problem focusing on the affirmations while performing The Infinity Meditation try adding one of the following affirmations to the end of any affirmation to make a little bit longer sentence:
And that’s fine, so it is. 
And it is okay, so it is. 
And that is normal, so it is.
And that is all right, so it is.

Q: What if I have hearing difficulty in one of my ears, can I still use these audio products?
A: If you have hearing problems in one of your ears as long as you can hear at least a little out of each ear, you can simply level the volume (adjust left and right volume controls) so that it sounds even in both ears. Although it could be argued that there would be some benefit for people with no hearing in one of their ears for some of the products, most of the audio is designed however for people who have hearing in both ears.

Q: Is this program guaranteed to work?
A: Absolutely not! You have to make it work. These are tools, not magic recipes. The program can’t force you to do anything, you have to do your part. None the less you will have quite an advantage over most other people because of the extreme integrity of these tools. Other people are going to have no clue of how you became so effective at recovery unless you tell them.

Q: How effective at quitting does this make me?
A: Because this program is designed as a complete solution and helps create a pro-sober belief system that targets the root cause of all addiction, while reconditioning your entire mind among many other numerous benefits you will most likely given the proper amount of effort on your part, exceed most of the other people you might know or meet or literally even the gurus. Because instead of mastering a game of fighting your self which is what most people do, you simply are going to end your desires to use so you have nothing to resist, giving you real results, where other peoples attempts are fake yours are genuine, because you have ended your internal conflict and that is all that it takes. This is about being a functional human being, not just simply forcing yourself to quit something. This is what addiction mastery is, an end to the internal conflict and an ability to move on with the rest of your life.

Q; Is your solution the best?
A: Yes it really is one of the best simplified, online, addiction recovery solutions that can be used in the privacy of your home. And it is one of the most affordable solutions that you will ever find anywhere that actually works. So yes it is about as “best” as it gets.

Q: Hey Douglas! Does this program make me extremely powerful?
A: Look the only reason you have control issues is because you are dysfunctional, you really don’t need to become extremely powerful to quit, you just need to regain your functionality as a normal healthy person, this is achieved very well in this program. You will see improvement in the context of becoming more and more functional just like other normal people.


Q: Hey Douglas is this program some sort of cult or occult practice?
A: Seriously no, I am not some magic man, I am a scientist, all of my methods are based on science not magical impossibilities or magical powers. This has nothing to do with magical energies or soul force or false names of god and this certainly has nothing to do with immorality and/or amorality as many cults endorse. I do not claim to have magical powers that other people don’t have etc. Not to say that none of that stuff is real (any ones guess on some of those issues) but it is simply not what I personally do or teach. I practice science and my methods are based on science. But of course most systems of magic or mysticism or spirituality are heavily based on the power of belief and that is where the similarity ends. My business is a safe and sound solution, if you practice one of the above mentioned systems you are certainly welcome to explore my program, however I am not coming from that particular angle on things. So please be aware that at the same time my program does not contradict science, or religion or mystical and magical traditions. This is for everyone folks we are all humans (hopefully).

Q: What is your success rate for your program?
A: Well this is a relatively new business however I am extremely successful in my own recovery that much I can verify. What classifies as success is the question. My standards are very rigorous. I expect that with enough effort in good faith on behalf of my clients that they will achieve at least 2 things. 1 they will quit and or continue to stay sober depending on where they are coming from as some people may have already quit and decided to use this program to maximize their success. And 2 and most importantly the client completely ends their internal conflict, in other words they never have any desires to reuse again and triggers stop effecting them. Now there are many other huge advantages of the program but those are the 2 main important ones. So back to the question. Is there anyway to verify their success and in what period of time? Well the answer to that question is "no." A 2 year study for example is fairly trivial, heck even 5-8 years is trivial and addicts are notorious for being dishonest and everyone knows that. Also determining quality of recovery would be very important, so how well they are doing outside of just simply not using is going to say something about how well the program worked and this is going to very obviously be next to impossible to determine accurately. So in a nut shell their really is not any good way to do an effective study on a success rate for virtually any recovery program. So here’s the deal if any one in any recovery business tells you that they have some sort of success rate, guess what it is B.S. at best. If they claim they have some supposedly good method of determining that -they lie period. Because you can’t really do a study to determine this type of stuff. It is simply marketing B.S. and they are calling you a sucker. What is important is to find a program that has features you are interested in, one that you can afford and one that you feel comfortable with doing with your own needs in consideration. It is my hope that you choose to add THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM on to what ever other solutions you may use or as a stand alone method. It will completely reverse the root cause of any substance addiction; belief.

Q: Seriously, what are the main reasons I should do THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM?
A: The main reasons to perform this program is so you can quit while ending your internal conflict (which basically equates to a high level of integrity) and put your addict past behind yourself and move on with a sober life style, free and clear of any addict desires, free and clear of resistance or inhibition, so you literally have no issues ever again and of course there are many self development benefits included in the program as well, further enabling you to outgrow your past issues. 

Q: Is this program recommended for professionals as well?
A: Take a look at the scope of this program, there is no doubt that the majority of professionals can and will gain in both recovery competency and development by using the profound combination of synergistic tools contained in the program. Ask yourself if you believe you have any reoccurring addict thoughts or desires that you might have to resist: “Am I resisting addict thoughts or desires?” Then note that if you are, it is solely because of the power of belief, that may be ingrained deep into your subconscious mind, so your conscious mind is at odds with that deep level of belief and your subconscious mind is creating an out of control effect that you have to resist, so that would then end in you being in a state of inhibition which feels and seems uncomfortable and makes you feel like you are being held back, maybe having a hard time moving forward. So if it were easy to simply change that deep level of programming no one would ever have any real issues with quitting, but unfortunately changing your programming after having been exposed to what is, in itself, that is intoxication, highly hypnotic, is actually going to take extensive efforts. Fortunately there is a highly valuable remedy for creating this change; THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM. This program will crystallize your conscious goals you may already have of being on a sober path, even if you have been sober for many years, it will simply “harden” or “cement” your progress, making your recovery more complete and more fully realized.

Q: Do you really have a complete mastery of your own previous addictions? 
A: Yes, I really do and anyone can do this. In fact it is very easy. You see ending your internal conflict by creating a pro-sober belief system is all that it really takes (for a high integrity of recovery that is) and once you get to that point maintaining it is very, very easy, potentially for the rest of your life. Think of it as being kind of like learning basic math, 1+1=2 for example, everyone knows this and once you figure it out you’ll never have a doubt about it ever again. Why? Because there is virtually no way to contradict that belief and the same thing goes with creating a functional pro-sober belief system. And once you get that far, your beliefs will carry you along that pro-sober path potentially indefinitely. So a pro-sober belief system = a pro-sober lifestyle, every time with out exception. So because virtually anyone can learn pro-sober beliefs using techniques such as the ones employed in The Pro-Sober Program anyone therefore can master their addictions and gain genuine recovery. I’ve done it, anyone can do it and so can you, it’s that simple.

Q: Douglas I am having a hard time fully understanding how “THE QUIT USING DRUGS PLAN …” really works, it seems to be too simple?

A: The real question to ask yourself is: “Did I over look something that might have a profound meaning?” Because this book is based off of sophisticated theories you might just simply overlook some of the key points, points that are very deep concepts to contemplate…

So, I want you to do two things:

1: Reread the entire book, literally a few sentences at a time.

2: After you read a statement that is about a few sentences long, simply meditate on those words for a few minutes perhaps 1-5 minutes. To do this simply focus on the statement with your eyes closed in silent meditation simply pondering the words very mindfully while simultaneously focusing on your breathe and breathing very slowly and deeply in a rhythmic fashion.

Then continue in like manner until you have both reread the entire book and meditated on it every step along the way. You will understand the concepts behind these techniques even if you could not understand it before, but please remember that you have to do what it says, to really get it in a context of real know how and experience and to get the actual benefits, as practicing makes it self explanatory. But yes it does help to really contemplate it at a deep level of the mind.

Q: Is this program just about forcing yourself to quit? What if I can already do that?
A: The program actually has a lot more to do with ending your internal conflict while quitting so when you do quit you actually do it without resistance, you actually maintain your sobriety free from inhibition and you're obviously going to enjoy that quite a bit more than if you merely forced yourself to quit which a lot of people do. However at The Realm we are interested with what works, by a good definition of the word “work” we want our sobriety to work, so we want to quit with a high degree of integrity and the program enables us to do that very easily, all we have to do is do all the steps, kick back and listen to the audio and at the end of the year we will have reversed the root cause of our addiction and have a very high degree of integrity that makes sobriety worth while, so we feel that it works, so we think; “Hey this worked great.” giving us the edge everyone else wishes they had. I know first hand this method works because I used it and I have no addiction issues what so ever and it can and will do the same for you or anyone else that participates in the program. So I wouldn’t get to caught up only being concerned with merely quitting instead we want to completely end our internal conflict so our sobriety is struggle free to maintain for the rest of our lives. You might have notice a lot of people always fall back on issues of wanting to use regardless of whether they do use again or not does not matter because they still have not resolved their issues either way and what works to resolve those issues so you end your internal conflict for the rest of your life is simply creating a pro-sober belief system and that is done very effectively with THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM.

​Q: Hey Douglas how is your angle on things different from mainstream recovery?
A: Remember, I do not give you the same old same old rehash everyone else is touting as magical “golden opinions” people are in love with, even though half of it is of very limited value and a large percentage of those who follow it more or less fail at creating integrity in their recovery. But don’t take my word for it, go ahead and ask them (people involved in mainstream recovery), many of them will tell you in their own words that “addiction can’t be cured” thus fundamentally admitting that they do not understand the issue very well, where as I do know how to cure the disorder and I have personally done so (cured myself) concerning numerous different substance addictions in the past with a 100% effective success rate each time creating absolute perfect integrity of recovery each time and now that I have achieved this perfect success rate for my self I am passing on the tools to all of you so you can do the same. I am cured, I know how to do it and I can tell you how to as well. The point being if people claim that something can’t be done they are admitting that they do not know how to do it because of their lack of understanding. So do I regurgitate their philosophies? NOPE, I only give you my take on things as someone who has real life true mastery of addiction recovery. So what is real life true mastery of addiction recovery? Simple: A complete end to the internal conflict (desires to use verses desires to quit) while staying sober indefinitely. Believe me I want you to have that same ability to quit with the same high integrity that I have had for years. 

But don’t think I come from the same old same old crowd. I have self developed my theories and products and it boils recovery down to a different end. You see most people in recovery are telling everyone that they made stupid or immoral choices and now they are trying to do right and be smarter as if it is all about where they come from and what type of people they are and yes obviously environment is a factor and while it would be wrong to rule out all of their logic, which is not my point at all, I simply am coming from a different angle on things, where it’s not about being immoral or ignorant or from a bad side of town or making stupid choices or being some total **** up. Just like someone being scammed, it could happen to anyone.

So what is it about? It is about being unconsciously deceived by the use of mind control hypnotic agents without knowing, that is what it is, much like small children “dabbling” with high level occult literature, we addicts found ourselves dabbling with our brains as if they were playgrounds for chemical reactions not realizing we had lost our own ability to stop doing something that had started harming us the more we did it. We were trapped by a hypnotic mind control agent and the point I am making is this; the high tech resources available here are mind control hypnotic tools for deprogramming your mind and recreating a healthy psychological state, an end to addiction issues, an end to the internal conflict, an extreme ability to quit and stay quit, deep lifetime therapy and personal development for an new refreshed life course. My “5 Step Programming” technique for instance, that I have personally developed, is a self hypnosis tool offering tremendous value for addiction recovery. Does it work? Well it works good enough to reverse psychosomatic conditions, so yes it is extremely effective. I myself have had psychosomatic conditions in the past that I have completely reversed with this technique, so yes it definitely works. The point being this whole program is all hypnotic. For instance brain wave entrainment is a hypnotic tool. So fighting this war on the battle ground were it starts is very important and the battle ground it starts on is always belief every time in fact no chemical addiction will stand with out the addict belief system, none what so ever. So here at the realm we create a Pro-Sober belief system with The Pro-Sober Program © and we win this war once and for all.

Q: Ok Douglas, so you are an expert. Does that mean I can ask you any question and you know it? 
A: Quite frankly no. See I have a simpler better method of doing things and I have quite a bit of expertise in that regard of what I do actually do. However I don’t claim to be some know it all like everyone else under the sun is trying to do and I really don’t care because I don’t need it and yet I have better integrity of recovery than many other professionals and I can help others achieve that higher degree of integrity with their own recovery and we don’t need to know it all to do it, in fact not knowing it all or even un-learning some of what mainstream recovery teaches may help quite a bit on some of the key issues I address in the program because some of what everyone else is hypnotized with, as if the info is magical, is actually going to guarantee failure. So I show a refreshing new take on things and if you want better integrity in your recovery than the limited success everyone else is getting, than I would say do something different that they are not doing and so THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM © really is this different option that is simpler yet more effective at creating a higher integrity of long term recovery and is very different from mainstream recovery yet works much better. So to do this I have actually not mastered all the same old same old info every one else is trying to master and instead I have created something new. So my expertise is very different than other peoples expertise whom may have all the fancy degrees yet lack the raw ability to quit and maintain perfect integrity of recovery like I have done. And so being a real deal self made expert with my own original tactics and having walked the path my self gives me a real insight on what actually needs to be done so I give it to you or anyone else with my program, I as someone who has actually had addiction issues and has cured them, where as many professionals are studying the issue outside of ever having been addicts or without ever having over come their addictions if they had been addicts. So when you take the program from me you are getting a real method from a genuine and real ex-addict who actually know how to cure the disorder and has actually done so. So that being said the program is actually good enough for professionals and addicts alike because of how extremely hardcore it is, believe me I could very easily justify quadrupling the price for this very effective program because I know exactly what it takes to cure the disorder. So that’s my expertise and I don’t really claim to be an academic or a know it all or more than I am because not following the beaten path of everyone else has turned out to be one of my greatest advantages. I am a self made expert and I have dedicated my life to helping people with this issue of substance addiction and I am very proud to offer my materials, hope you like the program as much as I did.

Q: Douglas, are you a drug councilor?  
A: No, I simply provide email support for ordering issues and product use issues, I do not provide any lengthy counseling services what so ever.

Q: Hey Douglas what is the main problem with mainstream recovery such as clinics and treatment centers? 
A: The main issue I see in the recovery options of today’s day in age is not that the mainstream options are totally useless because there are many benefits no doubt that treatment centers and clinics and councilors may provide socially and medically etc. that a program using solely PDF, mp3 and mp4 digital downloads as treatment can not provide, while mainstream recovery options however effective at helping people overall, if in fact mainstream recovery options fail at the actual goal of creating a high degree of integrity of recovery in their patients that they treat in person in a facility with trained staff then you have to ask yourself “So it all sounds pretty good, treatment centers and clinics and councilors in facilities with trained staff, so what then is the problem, do they really fail at creating a high degree of integrity of recovery in their patients?” and to clarify the absolutely huge astronomical problem with this that many people may be unaware of we must first say that;

1. High integrity of recovery is to both quit, stay quit and end the internal conflict so the ex-addict has no desires to use that he/she then has to resist so as to create a resistance free recovery experience that potentially lasts indefinitely.

2. There is virtually no way to determine whether or not the addict achieves this (high integrity of recovery) by questioning them because of the potential for the addict to be in a state of self denial, denying that they have issues denying that they have desires to use that they have to resist and trying to say otherwise even though they may be struggling daily or weekly.

3. In this context while the addict might have gained a lot from their treatment they received however it might have none the less failed them recovery wise because they might have simply forced them selves to quit without ending their internal conflict and they might therefore have issues for the rest of their lives. Note, many people can force them selves to quit, but without ending their internal conflict it would be erroneous to give too much credit to some clinic or treatment center none the less, even if it generally helped, because for true recovery the internal conflict must be resolved. 

Could you force yourself to quit and then erroneously give credit to some rip off clinic or treatment center that fails to help you end your internal conflict? Would you be willing to spend thousands of dollars to get those poor results? Well guess what? While all this stuff; the treatment centers and clinics and councilors in facilities with trained staff etc. sounds great, another downfall to the whole argument is they basically can not do it (recovery) for you, they can’t tickle your elbow and twist your nose and magically make it happen for you, in fact the most anyone can do is simply manipulate or educate you into doing it for yourself. Therefore any method regardless of staff or facility or with out staff or facility can help you if it does in fact get you to do it on your own, even a program made out of PDF guides and mp3 audio, yes even that will work, kind a like starting a fire it does not matter whether you use a match or a lighter as long as the flame is present and THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM © really can help you get that fire going in a big way.

Well then back to the question “Do mainstream recovery options really fail so completely at creating a high integrity of recovery?” And the answer to that question is: Potentially they might. However I will leave that last question for you to decide, maybe some places are better than others from one person to the next.

So what is the point? Well if you take your recovery seriously you may need to guard yourself from potential rip off schemes with people trying to leverage as much money out of you as possible even though they may fail to deliver what they promise when there is very little that can be done to prove that they have failed you and they know it, they know there is nothing that can be done against them, sorry folks no refunds, while they put the blame on you the patient making you feel guilty if it did not work. So, I do not actually oppose any recovery options officially, however I highly recommend adding on top of what ever treatment you currently receive; THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM © so as to maximize your ability at creating high integrity of recovery to quit, stay quit forever while ending your internal conflict. 

So then, does THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM © really offer “high integrity of recovery” like I say? Yes it absolutely does AND it is much, much more affordable than virtually all other recovery options available yet is comparable to spending tens of thousands at a celebrity resort clinic. It is that simple. It is the best most effective, most affordable, simplified online solution available in the privacy of your home.

Q: So how do I know that I might need this program even if I am already in recovery Douglas? 
A: Simple, ask yourself if you would like to experience less resistance in your recovery, so that you have less desires to use/abuse a substance that you would then have to resist every so often, perhaps daily, weekly or monthly. If so then get started on steps 1-5 of THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM © and maximize your recovery, it will be the best move you ever make.

Q: Hey wait a second Douglas are you saying that you have the only solution that works?
A: Not exactly, however if you want to verify another recovery option will work for you to completely overcome your addiction simply ask them before you sign on if they can actually cure you. Ask them: “Do your services potentially cure with a fairly high success rate in other words does it cure people (of substance addiction) very often?” Because if they can’t cure anyone then they are admitting that they do not know how to fully treat the disorder. Where as my program helps you figure out how to cure yourself on your own in the privacy of your home, because I know how to do it and if you try your best using my tools in THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM © you have a fairly high likely hood of being able to do so as well.

Q: Is recovery a disease? 
A: Well, while it is very similar to a disease, it is also very similar to a psychosomatic condition, but either way not in the classical sense of these terms. Many people do actually claim it is a disease and for the most part it is very similar, however I personally think of it as being at least slightly different. And here is the reason why; saying that it is a disease mainly justifies failing to take responsibility for your actions and like some one seeking out an allergic substance such as saw dust and then forcing an exposure going to great lengths to achieve it, the allergic reaction is very similar to the chemical dependency of substance addiction, however it is all to obvious that it is solely based on the persons actions unlike other diseases that have virtually unavoidable causes the substance in the addiction is entirely avoidable, so it is all too obvious that it is largely a psychological disorder and that the chemical dependency only stands in the presence of the psychological dependency with out which anyone could be cured and understanding the psychology of addiction can provide this cure and that information is contained in THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM ©.

Q: Is selling recovery easy?
A: Well actually selling the idea of why recovery is something you might want to do is kind of similar to selling soap to a bushman in a 3rd world country. They don’t want your soap they love being as dirty as they can get. Most addicts would have to be forced at gun point to even consider it. However for anyone interested in self development it is very likely most people are going to improve their potential after being sober quite some time perhaps in the context of years.

Q: Do you care if half the people out there love getting high or drunk (or smoke a pack a day)?
A: I am not “super nanny” folks and I really don’t care if other people use and I know I used to use however I do care if someone wants out and they are looking for a viable means. You see intoxication is similar to burning your hand on a hot pan when you learn the lesson and you actually understand the reality behind the event then you are going to quit instinctively with out a lot of struggle. However with addiction because the substances are hypnotic and attack your mind like a virus many people get stuck and can’t figure it out and they just keep doing it because they don’t get it. It just so happens no one wants someone to be their nanny and trying to do that for them for the most part is not going to work too well very often. So if you have the interest in looking into quitting you are many times more likely to be able to quit effectively then someone who is being forced to do it and that is the good news, so you are probably fairly likely to do well simply based on the fact that you are reading this right now. So no I am not a “nanny” because being a nanny does not really work. I take pride in my materials if someone is not interested then I do not want their money. It is that simple.

Q: Hey Douglas, you are against ending prohibition right?
A: No, ironically I am pro-legalization, but not because of supporting drug use. Why then? Because I believe punishment has been proven ineffective and only education works among other reasons such as cleaning up the market etc. I believe that giving someone time for minor illegal drug possession misses the point; these people use because the drug attacks their mind like a virus and only education will cure the disorder so they should in effect be found innocent by reason of insanity, because any addict that uses is completely out of touch with the actual reality of using/abusing that particular substance. Is that a fact? Yes, the only reason people are long term addicts is because they do not fully understand what exactly in reality they are doing by continuing to use/abuse the substance, so yes virtually no one should be given time for being an addict because it all qualifies them as being innocent by reason of insanity. This is the basis for curing substance addiction via hypnosis, it is based on an inaccurate interpretation of experience and inaccurate thinking that causes illogical behavior and the subsequent use/abuse of the substance therefore in other words it is very, very similar to insanity and can only be cured via deep psychological belief system changes via hypnotic like techniques; because it is a matter mind control and hypnotic agents to begin with. So no punishment will not help the issue for very many people as far as recovery goes. And recovery makes a lot more sense long term than pain and misery.

Q: Aren’t your products a little pricey?
A; Actually no they are not! “No **** ?” You might say. Listen comparatively speaking you can not even find a better deal any where else for an extremely hardcore online addiction recovery solution that actually works -nowhere but here. I am a very serious expert in the field and I have created a very serious methodology only available here. You are paying for the cutting edge information, info above anything you can get anywhere else. This product line is simply the best, good enough for members of elite organizations such as the CIA, FBI, military, law enforcement, medical, including business men/women, top CEO’s and every one else at every level of society from world leaders (if only they were using these products the world would be doing much better) to religious leaders to common workers etc., I mean every one everywhere. So these are information products of extremely high caliber and they do not go for “cheap-thrill’ prices, so yes they cost a bit but they are worth every penny. By using these elite products you are investing in yourself so ask yourself what your future is worth to you.

Q: Hey Douglas do you happen to have any thing more affordable for me or someone I know that is homeless or very poor?
A: Trust me I have been working on that very issue literally for years and yes there is a huge amount of value that can be gained from just simply going to a public library (you will need head phones or at least ear buds) and using the products available free of charge at the “Free Trial Program” page and the “Free Explorations” page and if you get a free email account (I recommend GMX.com) you can get all the value out of the “Adventures Newsletter” as well. So yes plenty of free stuff put together that is very valuable (and effective) none the less.

Q: So Douglas should I do a treatment center option or just do THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM?
A: That will be for you to decide and I am not a Doctor so I can’t give medical advice however if you knowing your own condition believe that you may need a facility with trained staff and medical care to be able to get off the substance safely and effectively then yes a treatment center may be a good option. However you may use the extensive components of THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM afterwards to help you continue making progress and so you can gain all the benefits of the program, this way you do not relapse like so many others do after all the time and energy they put into going to a treatment center, literally wasting thousands of dollars for virtually nothing, all because they could not end their internal conflict. Otherwise many people, smokers for example may just need to take some sick time off their job for about 5-10 days, after getting a few months into THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM. So if you are not in grave condition in need of immediate help than I would recommend you start with THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM and for those that are going to a treatment center or already have gone to a treatment center I highly recommend performing THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM on top of those other options because it is simply very effective and the components can not be found anywhere else. Simple equation: THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM = the end of your internal conflict and the reversal of the root cause of your addiction (among many other benefits). So the answer to the question is I recommend the program either way whether you do it alone or on top of other options.

Q: Why don’t you offer returns and refunds? 
A: Well it is a very simple fact that digital products either from a disc or download can not really be verified to be fully returned or deleted by the customer and so it can not be verified that the customer does not keep or make illegal copies and as such it is very bad business to allow returns on such products which is why so many companies have copy protection, which also is only partially effective and so it is that any company offering returns either does not care about their product and or knows it is a rip off or is such a large business that it would be a minimal loss, yet here at The Realm I take great pride in my highly valuable products and refuse to go out of my way to let people rip me off. No refunds.

Q: How do I know this product line works with my PC? 
A: Simply test your system here at this web page.

Q: The products offered are fairly expensive what if I need replacements and what about updated editions am I just out? 
A: Ok simply go to this page and you will find a very affordable way to replace all of your products and get all your upgrades all at once for one small order processing fee, the product line may upgrade at any time and you may check that page to see if there is a more current version available, you must however be a valid customer who already purchased the product. This service is above and beyond most other offerings made by many other companies.

“It is the role you play, determined by how you identify with yourself logically, visually and emotionally, that is the link to getting what you want in the puzzle of reality."

        Douglas Bodaczewski