Hello you may be asking yourself why you would want to use The Pro-Sober Program? But ultimately you are going to want to know why it works. Right? But wait - does it work to completely reverse substance addiction? Yes, a big YES! This program can completely reverse substance addiction for virtually anyone who follows the instructions, virtually regardless of their intelligence or education, even if everything else has failed them… So yes this definitely works and below you will see exactly why this works so well, creating success that mainstream recovery often fails at; genuine recovery (with no addiction issues what so ever) that can last a lifetime -yes literally forever! It is possible for you to master addiction right now using these cutting edge tools. This is an online comprehensive (substance) addiction recovery solution of superior magnitude above and beyond virtually all other online recovery options, delivering the value all the doctors at the institutes should be drooling over, wishing they had it. The fact is because of the content (I have personally written myself) in this program, this serves as a solution that is completely superior to what the so called institutes offer. All geared towards your recovery. How can I claim that? Because I have hacked my own addiction from the inside out, as a previous addict myself literally reversing the condition by necessity, by cracking the code of addiction and therefore simplifying the entire issue to a greater extent than virtually any other source and yet simultaneously creating a more empowering ability in the addict to quit literally any substance addiction they may have, largely with the power of their mind. This is very powerful information mainstream recovery simply does not teach. Doctors don’t teach it, clinics don’t teach it, treatment centers - nope, if you want this info there is only one source - The Pro-Sober Program. 

You might have heard my story, how I quit 3 and a half packs a day cold turkey and never had an issue ever since. Trust me I think it’s a joke that I ever even smoked to begin with. I literally do not miss it at all and have absolutely no issues with any triggers what so ever. Why? Because I know what I am doing. And believe me I want you to know too. I am a self made expert. And although I may not have the supposed fancy degrees others may have, I simply have a greater ability (to quit with a high degree of integrity) than most of them anyway. No doubt. And the materials I want to give you, at a very affordable cost that is, will allow you the same exact level of expertise that I have had at quitting my own addiction. You can have a greater ability to quit than even the gurus; true recovery where you have no desires to use ever again without the struggle. I am a master of addiction and guess what? Anyone can do it - with the right materials, such as the ones I have painstakingly created for the purpose of enabling you to have the same extreme success at recovery that I have had for years. 

So look forward to laughing at your own addiction problems in the not so distant future, because trust me as someone who can actually see what is going on in addiction even though it may be a very serious condition the pure stupidity the average addict has is comparable to “that three stooges” old time TV show every one has seen. Yes addiction can be very troubling no doubt, but once you get out of it you’ll laugh at what a ridiculous waste of time it was and you may have been going to extreme lengths to do everything necessary to keep it going regardless! Most people that are trying to quit on their own go through what is a 3 stooges phase where they simply have no idea what is going on and consequently do everything they could possibly do to **** up along the way. Now you don’t have to be one of them. Learn the truth it will be the best move you ever make.

True (substance) addiction mastery awaits all; who are willing to discover the truth about addiction and how it can be reversed…

The advanced materials in The Pro-Sober Program adequately address the primary cause of addiction. What is that you might ask? The actual interpretation of the intoxication by the users psyche determines whether or not the user will develop a pro-addict belief system serving as psychological dependency which then enforces the chemical dependency causing the long term addiction without which no addiction would become a chronic long term addiction. It is this fact that creates the “option” for people to reverse the condition. This is where the majority of mainstream recovery fails, they instead largely only treat secondary causes. The Pro-Sober Program completely resolves this issue ultimately reversing the condition regardless of virtually all other issues the user may have. Sadly mainstream recovery fails to recognize this causative relationship and commonly accepts the general idea that the psychological interpretation of the use of a substance can not be changed to affect a reversal of the condition or that the choice even exists. And yet this is in fact the foundation of any and all substance addictions. By treating this belief system component a one size fits all treatment can be made for all substance addictions in a simpler and yet more effective manner providing long term quality recovery including the end to the addicts internal conflict or desires to use and therefore a functional recovery experience where the addict is in control of their own recovery.

Because the program resolves the root cause of addiction the user may have a greater quality of recovery than people with 10 times the sober time, therefore creating a professional level of addiction mastery adequate for a recovery profession in the field.

So let me say that in other words; addiction is in fact a belief system issue related largely to psychological dependency and once that addict belief system is reversed the addiction does not exist. What about chemical dependency you might ask? The answer to that question is chemical dependency will only stand with the psychological dependency component in place, with out it there will not be a long term or chronic addiction.

Further more the majority of the psychological aspects of the addiction are largely running at a subconscious level creating an effect of shaping the addicts desires with out their conscious control or approval thus making the addiction out of control. This creates a dysfunctional state where the user must resist themselves often continually which may cause quite a bit of discomfort for the addict and an inability to move forward with the rest of their life regardless of whether or not they can quit and stay quit. Therefore the issues of the subconscious mind must be appropriately resolved so as to create a functional belief system that supports sobriety that reaches the subconscious level of the mind so the users conscious and subconscious mind are on the same page so to speak, resolving this internal conflict, creating a sense of ease where the addict can enjoy the quitting process and maintain a struggle free sobriety experience that can last a life time. Sadly mainstream recovery largely fails at adequately addressing the subconscious mind.

Many approaches to recovery fail at addressing how exactly you can build the momentum necessary in order to decide on a quit date that you will actually stick with. And how to handle the actual first few days of the quitting process. Leaving people feeling lost when they go to quit. The fact is this dilemma has a very simple answer anyone can employ. The Pro-Sober Program (referring to Step 1, The 2nd edition) shows you exactly what to do at this stage.

IS THIS SOME OVERNIGHT MIRACLE COURSE? You might be asking yourself how long it takes to complete The Pro-Sober Program? Well right off the bat I want to let you know a little secret; all the people out there trying to quit without putting forth an extensive effort are wasting there own time. Why? Because while you may be able to (quit), there really is no good way of doing that with any great deal of integrity, in the very specific context that if you want recovery that works and is care free, feels good and is functional and fits you right, with out all the issues everyone else faces potentially for the rest of their life, you are then going to need to put in some quality recovery time and effort, if you take it seriously. Believe me I take it very seriously as you will see on this web page. So that being said having identified the key causes of addiction I have compiled a comprehensive solution. However it does take some time. So there really are no miracle shortcuts, you really get out of recovery what you put into it. So if you want recovery that is comical try doing something in under 10 days however if you want recovery that can take virtually anyone and turn them into an absolute master of addiction for the rest of their life - that is going to take quite a bit more time for most people especially if you take recovery seriously. The fact is many people are desperate for answers that work and many of the advice being “praised” by mainstream recovery is simply proof of that desperation because they do not know what to actually do. They then resort to desperate means that is unrelated to actual recovery because they have no clue of what to do, in fact people generally do this in any subject they do not understand. This program completely demolishes that notion and absolutely gives you everything you need to master recovery. 

EXACTLY HOW LONG DOES THIS TAKE? So that being said this program takes at least 6 to 12 months to complete. How does that length of time investment even matter as long as it works right? Seriously, doing it right is what is important! You can quit anywhere along the way, when ever you feel comfortable with quitting and believe me it gets much easier to do after becoming heavily involved for some time. You will simply gain a willingness to give up your addiction without it being a big deal. You can do each beginning steps one at a time which takes longer or you can do the first 5 Steps all at once if you can afford to. Do this for 2-4 months. Then move on to Step 6 for another 2-4 months. And then after that move onto Step 7 where you will be for another 2-4 months. So about 6-12 months minimum and then there will be plenty of things you can keep using after that point and anywhere along the way you may perform the actually “quitting part.” And if you have already quit using you can actually get quite a bit of value out of this program like anyone else, so continue reading and you will see how effective this program is. It will absolutely change your life - forever…

THE LEFT AND RIGHT BRAIN DILEMMA: Further more the majority of people suffering from addiction are in fact dysfunctional people to begin with, largely related to a lack of communication between their left and right hemispheres of their brain and not a necessarily low intelligence or low education. The fact is mainstream recovery fails at adequately addressing this issue. However The Pro-Sober Program incorporates extremely effective brain wave entrainment that completely resolves this issue creating a safe means of whole brain thinking caused by the formation of a whole brain neural network and left/right brain wave synchronization, facilitating this whole brain thinking state. By causing a synchronized brain wave state with the specific frequencies used in the entrainment the brain then has a frequency following response that then matches those frequencies, then neurons that fire together also wire together creating a whole brain neural network (specifically related to the content employed). Why does this help recovery? Whole brain thinking has many benefits and one benefit of performing this process of brain wave synchronization is that your brain literally evolves in response to its new and better ability to communicate between hemispheres, it adapts to be able to make use of that new ability, fundamentally reconditioning your mind, creating an evolved consciousness and a change of state so you outgrow your previous mental and emotional state, becoming a greater person with greater awareness, deeper comprehension and far greater capacities. In a nut shell you become a “new you.” You become refreshed kind of like reformatting your hard drive and updating your operating system, it resolves issues that really can’t be easily resolved otherwise. The fact is this one single component dramatically increases the addicts recovery success and can not be done without entrainment products such as the extremely effective products I offer in The Pro-Sober Program.


Feeling overly stressed. 
Being sad, desperate or angry etc.
Lack of ambition, feeling like giving up.
Lack of creativity.
Lack of intuition or insights.
Lack of motivation, inspiration.
Often chronic fears, doubts.
Judgmental and dark attitude.
Poor quality sleep.
Poor mental acuity during the day.
Inability to deal with big goals, sequencing plans etc.
Poor performance at work or school.
Negative mental and emotional states and an inability to create positive change.
Poor memory and learning.
Sense of chaos, everything seeming to be explosive and dangerous.
Poor eyesight related to being foggy headed (yes entrainment may improve your senses because it may clear your head).
Lack of clarity of “who am I and what is going on.”
Poor sports performance, poor martial arts performance etc.
Lack of ability to adapt to present demands and overcome odds.
Lack of understanding your self.
Lack of communicating effectively and expressing yourself desirably.
A lack of being present and aware of more functional and mature behavioral choices that can lead to better results and improvement in many areas of life.

The list goes on and on…

CAN BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT REALLY REVERSE THESE ISSUES? The unmistakable answer is a resounding “yes.” These are simply resolved by the persons own mind through the evolution of the addicts consciousness by using the entrainment.

DOES A.M. ENTRAINMENT WORK? Well the answer to that question is yes, in fact in some ways it is even more effective than other main stream entrainment methods. And for this reason I have decided to use A.M. entrainment in the program. Amplitude Modulation Entrainment is a very effective form of entrainment created when the volume of a wave form (carrier wave) is modulated by a sine wave of another frequency. The carrier wave is the wave that is then modulated. Other methods of entrainment use carrier waves as well, binaural beats for instance use two different carrier waves one in each ear that then combined in the brain create the intended frequency. In general the difference between the two carrier waves would then determine the brain wave state induced, as an example 1000 Hz in your left ear and 1007 Hz in your right ear is going to put you into a very visual theta state of 7 Hz after bout 8 minutes of exposure. However in The Pro-Sober Program I use only A.M. Entrainment. Why? Because it has benefits I have found to be superior to other commonly used methods the main stream entrainment industry is using such as music. So for maximum value and effect, 100% modulation is used and is applied to the entire recording used as a carrier wave including subliminal messages and the background. This effect is very pronounced and may have benefits other entrainment does not. The very well known two tone method or binaural beats may be used on top of music or a background however it is dependent on having two different tones in each ear and yes it does work but for using certain frequencies for instance, often lower frequencies as a “carrier wave”, the effect is going to be different from one ear to the other because the two frequencies have to be different for binaural beats. Where as with A.M. entrainment you would have the option of having the exact same low frequency carrier wave in both ears. This also applies to the use of other carrier waves such as a dive effect from 10 kHz down to 25 Hz, the carrier wave would be the same in each ear. Same thing with white noise you could have the same relative white noise in each ear. What this does is create a balance and harmony of what each side of the brain is being exposed to. Which leads us to another question…

DON’T YOU USE MUSIC ON YOUR RECORDINGS? Simply put no. But the actually reason I don’t use music is as related to the above info, it (music) does not really do anything scientific as far as carrier waves go so the only real reason they use music in the entrainment industry is to make their products trendy and seem cool even if it is at the expense of the products effectiveness because they may only be interested in making money to begin with, that and because “every one else is doing it.” However here at The Realm I am only interested in what actually works and something I have learned very well is that listening to a entrainment session that contains music on it can get very tiresome after 30 days or even an entire year. Where as tones and noise have a very “blank” and clearing effect, music has a very mentally and emotionally busy effect so after several years I have found that not using music is superior. Another reason everyone is using music maybe because the hippy side of society believes it will have some sort of magical effect (possibly in conjunction with the vibrations of the moon especially if it is a moon related song) and while the music may be somewhat hypnotic it is not really going to create any real value other than just becoming tiresome - if you value that. So instead of being a trendy sort of business like every one else, the program employs NO music. This is science not entertainment. After using the sessions repeatedly it becomes obvious that it is more peaceful and serene than music anyway and it does not get tiring to listen to because after many sessions you begin to feel a sense of it clearing your head much better than entrainment with music would do for you. So the effect is very pronounced and it works very well in the long term use it is much better then entrainment that contains music. Why would I want to devalue the product line and call my customers stupid and use something less effective when I found a way that is superior? Just to be trendy? NOPE!

THE BENEFITS OF WHITE NOISE? YEP! White noise as a medium for entrainment actually has the benefit of clearing your head, as you listen it seems to give you a sense of being washed out along with an expansive effect. Some people may find it stressful to listen to at first especially at loud volumes but repeated exposure increases your ability to listen to it calmly without feeling stressed.

THE BENEFITS OF LOW FREQUENCY CARRIER WAVES, DOES IT WORK? Yes low frequency carrier waves make entrainment much more powerful. And some of the carrier waves employed in this program are very, very low. This basically creates a deeper meditation experience. One that will push you further in less time. In other words using an entrainment session with a low frequency carrier wave for 20 minutes may be the equivalence of a 30 or 40 minutes session that did not have a low frequency carrier wave, depending on the differences of the carrier waves of course. Some institutes may have extremely well designed entrainment products that are no doubt effective however they are over 30 times more expensive. Do the math, similar results at a fraction of the cost equals much better choice. With this program virtually anyone can afford to complete the entire course unlike other highly expensive programs available elsewhere. Not to say that they are no good but to say what is the difference if you can’t even afford to do it? The fact is The Pro-Sober Program is one of the most affordable brain wave entrainment solutions and it works in a big, big way.

THE BENEFITS OF A CARRIER WAVE DIVE EFFECT: Simply put this has a very full spectrum effect on your mind kind of like noise except where as noise is a combination of the full spectrum of frequencies all at once creating an expansive effect. The dive effect however focuses on one tone at a time which has a little different of an effect and can be very psychedelic and cerebral the way it is employed in the program.

THE VALUE OF UNDER DOING IT? Believe me you are not going to under do things with this program if you follow the instructions. However it is better to under do it than over do it. Why? Because over doing entrainment can be dangerous! But you see I have a solution to minimize that risk for the majority of people, you will see, that is when you begin the program. You might think that it would take longer but really other companies may actually be telling people to get carried away over doing things to begin with. The same great benefits await just in a more sane (and safe) manner.

IS ENTRAINMENT SAFE FOR EVERYONE, YOU MIGHT ASK? Quite simply no. A big NO! Some people suffer from certain conditions often severe that make this an issue so be sure to contact your doctor if you are diagnosed with a condition or you have reasons for concern and please do not ask me be cause I am not a doctor. However is this entrainment safe for the vast majority of people? YES, absolutely! Please be aware that many sever conditions are potentially compatible with these entrainment products, I say that because some of those people can benefit hugely from entrainment. Other companies miss this point they may tell people not to use entrainment if they have any generalized condition, when some of those people need it the most, where as I want to encourage you to research your condition yourself and get your doctors advice, because I am not a doctor and I can not tell you one way or the other. However no curative claims are made for the treatment of any disease. One idea with entrainment is that while it may not cure a disease it may help you cope with it regardless. Perhaps similar to taking vitamins.

DO YOU NEED TO RELAX IN ORDER TO QUIT? Many people would over look this critical component, but the fact is relaxation greatly increases the addicts level of optimism for their success at their goal of quitting basically lifting moral for the cause. Why? Because it simply creates a shift in their psychological health where they feel like a tremendous burden had been lifted for at least a period of time that day and this then increases their overall willingness to participate because they are now enjoying at least some of the “work” to begin with. Deep relaxation can be attained by anyone through extensive breathing techniques that go on for extended periods of time such as 20-40 minutes twice daily. Deep relaxation is a major missing ingredient of main stream recovery and serves as an elite method of creating a recuperative effect during recovery. The fact is entrainment combined with therapeutic relaxation offers a means of mastering relaxation. One benefit of this is a greater ability to sleep at night because you can relax easier. This is because you learn to relax while synchronizing your brain and entering subconscious states which relate to deeper levels of relaxation such as alpha, theta and delta states. Per day of use the relaxation used in the techniques increase blood circulation through out the body and brain, restoring oxygen levels and helping to release very health specific chemicals your body and brain need for optimum health. May create a deeper level of breathing during sleep via repeated conditioning therefore aiding in mental acuity during the day. Specific scientifically designed techniques are employed to aid in the process of creating a healthy mental and emotional state to facilitate recovery by hypnotic deep programming using both spoken affirmations and subliminal messages. Which brings us to the next dilemma…

ARE ADDICTS NOTORIOUSLY DYSFUNCTIONAL PERSONALITY TYPES? Yes, big time! And the # 1 issue dysfunctional people have is simply negative programming. Specifically subconscious limiting beliefs. Main stream recovery erroneously does not employ hypnosis or subliminal messaging. When in fact addiction is largely related to the programming the addict has in their subconscious mind. And it simply needs to be updated with more productive empowering beliefs. How ever mainstream recovery may view such methods as “strange” or unneeded, or may simply fail at incorporating these methods for what ever reason. The fact is reversing the addict beliefs and creating a pro-sober belief system is the absolute top necessity for any ones recovery from substance addiction, no doubt. Because beliefs create or shape your desires equating the fulfillment of your base desires that we all have, with using being the answer which then leads to a willingness to act on addict tendencies and ultimately reuse. Regardless of how much effort has been expended to quit, the addict will always have a hard time maintaining their sobriety until and only until the beliefs at the level of the subconscious mind are changed which can be a very exhaustive task to do effectively and may take several months to fully achieve. It is only once your subconscious beliefs no longer equate using with being an answer do you then have the conscious ability to choose a sober lifestyle. This is where many people fail, they simply try to force themselves to quit without creating the change necessary to make the process functional. Mainstream recovery will admit to you that this is the boat they are in, they will state that they are doing it “one day at a time.” In reference to not ending their internal conflict and their desires to use. If they have to do that for the next 60 years you can see what a hard road they may be on. But the fact is subliminal messaging techniques may be employed with the proper content that is needed in order to effectively end this internal conflict when used in conjunction with the other materials in this program at a level of the subconscious mind that many other methods can not reach. For this reason high speed messages are also employed in the program because they have a very similar effect and while they are not subliminal they do bypass the conscious filters of your mind. You see mainstream recovery often fails at getting the information that they have no matter how good it may be to basically be learned by the addict in the context that the addicts conscious filters are undoubtedly going to reject at least some of the information no matter how sincere they are to learn and so their belief system simply can’t make the full change required. So by using various messaging techniques it is in fact possible to inject pro-sober messages into the persons mind while bypassing their conscious filters. Over time this creates a much deeper level of psychological change that can not be done easily by other means and provides a rock solid foundation. It is to be noted that by using some of the exact same affirmations used in the subliminal scripts of the program and by pronouncing them out loud the addict can put their conscious minds goals into direct harmony with their subconscious programming creating an amazingly powerful effect. Very few mainstream sources related to the self development world are telling anyone to do both spoken affirmations and subliminal messages. The fact is it is very effective at setting the conscious and subconscious mind into a cohesive direction and unity of efforts. This is achieved very well in The Pro-Sober Program. You will have an opportunity to work with some of the same messages as spoken affirmations and as subliminal messages in more than one brain wave state, creating a very well rounded effect on the addicts mind, affecting them to change their belief system much greater than by simply employing only one technique.

HIGH SPEED MASSAGES ARE VERY EFFECTIVE: Are there advantages to high speed compressed messages? Yes, while creating a programming effect in your mind bypassing your minds filters it also does something very, very helpful, it causes your brain to literally build a neural network capable of picking up information at a much higher speed than it might other wise be able to do, simply by being exposed routinely to that high speed environment. This then can help you learn info and also reject info you might not want such as dealing with people that fast talk. And it may fundamentally increase an aspect of your awareness in that regard. Also high speed messages are a great way of getting up to 2-8 times more information in the same amount of time! Think about that for a moment, this means we can get massive programming with out it being a big time investment making it feel easy.

ARE THERE ANY VIDEOS IN THIS PROGRAM? Yes - but a better question would be what are they for? Well… is there any way we can trigger all of these messages we are being programmed with? Yes you see there really is and the mainstream self development world does not really use this technique I have developed and while it is simple it is very effective and has a few main effects: 1 It programs your mind with the same messages. 2 It helps increase your awareness visually forcing you to stare at a screen very intensely so as not to blink for an extended period of time. 3 It helps create a positive mental and emotional sate. And 4 and most importantly it helps you become emotionally and physically involved on all of the mental programming in The Pro-Sober Program so you start acting on those very same ideas. This last part is critical and is all too often ignored in the self development world, but listen if you don’t start resonating emotionally and physically on an idea you might be thinking of, chances are you might not even do anything with that idea. So triggering this, is kind of the missing link that even the “institutes” often fail at addressing and yet it is so powerful - you will be shocked at the effect this has on you and your recovery goals when you get to that step in the program! The fact is once again mainstream recovery does not offer this type of value and yet it is very effective at really helping the addict to act on what they know they need to do but might otherwise neglect. In fact getting the addict to do anything for their recovery at all is often one of the hardest parts a professional may face and while a counselor for instance may need to “sell” recovery to someone as if it is desirable the fact is even then they may have a hard time actually working towards it anyway. So this resolves the issue of not taking action for those who have already “bought” into the idea of recovery, so as to make their efforts “flow.” What exactly do you mean by “flow” you might ask? Simply how easily you go from one thing to the next on your recovery goals and creating your new pro-sober lifestyle. Once you get going it just flows and becomes natural at that point. Like tying your shoes or brushing your teeth it becomes a habit, you just do what ever you have to do with out a lot of constant effort. But this is because you begin to act on it routinely, not just merely considering it. So the video is amazing, you are going to love it and what it can do for you.

STARTING A NEW LIFE FREE OF ADDICTION: You may find that recovery seems to leave you wondering where to go next. The fact is mainstream recovery offers very little in the areas of creating a new life. However it is absolutely necessary to do and extensive hardcore techniques are included in this program offering you a way to “hack the system” and recreate a new and better path in life so you have somewhere to go on your sober journey; a better life. Numerous programming techniques show the addict how to create a massive shift in their life program and mentality enabling them to do what they never could before, breaking down barriers they once thought were impossible as they embark on an ultimate journey of evolution and self discovery. Mental programming techniques on steroids!


Tap the powers of your subconscious mind for near instant change for any result desired.

How to create high speed compressed messages that are highly effective programming techniques, for free, using free online software, as long as you have headphones and a microphone or a headset and a computer.

How to tremendously increase your daily self development using a subliminal message technique so easy any one can do it without any technical experience and is yet comparable to any thing even the institutes sell and better yet you can create these on the fly when ever you need something new, throw out the idea of buying other companies products - you can make your own.

Find your calling in life and recover from the negativity that may be holding you back.

Learn a trick that helps you program your subconscious mind for better health.

Gain the power supplements can afford to break mental barriers that may be keeping you from performing at peak.

Learn the best rule! This rule may be the #1 advantage for creating real change. And makes everything else work! Even when everything seems stuck.

Learn why you may suffer a dark cloud hanging over your head and how to reverse it. 

Understand addicts better than they do. How addiction is created and how to break down any substance addiction.

And so much more… take for instance detoxification and revitalization; two simple remedies for under 80 bucks that can make a huge difference in your recovery as you actually begin to quit.

The list goes on and on…

GUIDED VISUALIZATION: Calling forth the vast powers of the subconscious mind using visualizations during entrainment sessions, helps to break the psychological blocks you may have, these visualizations serve as a catalyst for intense, widespread, dramatic long lasting change, by talking to the subconscious mind in a way it can understand. The fact is employing hypnotic visualizations is extremely effective and once again mainstream recovery may not adequately employ such measures.

NOTE ABOUT MAINSTREAM RECOVERY: As a matter of courtesy I do not point out any recovery related “groups” specifically by name but instead I refer to the majority of them in general as being “mainstream recovery.” This is because this online program is quite a bit different than such groups and provides measures those groups do not. This is not for the purpose of discrediting the methods or services of such groups as many of them have their own admirable qualities many of which can not be received from a book or audio or video and likewise they may not be able to offer those benefits offered by such products. Instead this is for the purpose of clarifying the fact that mainstream recovery does not offer these types of solutions. There is no implied instruction for the addict to quit using any mainstream recovery options the user may be currently employing. The program is advised to be used in conjunction with any other resources the addict is already working with or plans to work with in the future.

NEED A JOB? What if I want to be a recovery professional, you might ask? The great news is that overcoming your own addiction is probably one of the best ways of becoming a recovery professional because people know that you have been there and have made it through to the other side and they will undoubtedly relate to you better creating rapport. Maybe you need a better job, one that you actually enjoy, one where you make a difference, one that makes your day worth it, beyond just simply getting paid. If you can enjoy working doing what you do then you are fairly successful (virtually) regardless of your income would be my argument because having a bad day every day really can take its toll and cash might not make up for all that stress. Also being in a line of work that is meaningless is not too rewarding obviously. So yes recovery related jobs are everywhere even in a down economy. Addiction is rampant and so is crime and the courts are desperate to provide alternative means such as treatment. So that being said if you want to be able to work as a recovery professional of great integrity, you absolutely must over come your internal conflict so you can address recovery issues in your practice without succumbing to an obvious and/or strong desire to reuse a given substance. Because you must be able to set an example. And if you could not, that alone would be very stressful for most people, so you might not enjoy it at that rate. And the only way to set a great example, is to be sober without a lot of struggle. In other words you need to show that it is not hard for you to maintain sobriety because you “get it.” I myself have gone years without any issues what so ever because of my techniques that I employ in this program. It is very easy and simple to do (maintain sobriety) once you end your internal conflict by creating a pro-sober belief system. The fact is this quality of recovery can be attained through using this cutting edge comprehensive program at an unbelievable low price enabling people of virtually any income level to work towards their goal of becoming a recovery professional. Yes there may be other requirements involved and you will have to research those on your own, however this program can set you up as a good example regardless of your other qualifications simply because you will not have any addiction issues. People (potential employers) will see you as someone who can lead by example and not just talk out of their ***. So yes if this is something that interests you, then please follow your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t because with this program virtually anyone can, including you. And as well, it must be noted that this program offers an immense value to people who are already working in a professional recovery related field, further enhancing your talents virtually regardless of your background, because this program is of such high integrity.

IS THERE A CATCH WITH ALL THIS? There is only one catch aside from saying good by to your old life and that is dealing with the initial withdrawal from the actual chemical dependency, depending on what substance you are addicted to there really is no way of changing physiological symptoms of withdrawal with the power of your mind, so if you have a head ache or some sort of sickness caused by the chemical withdrawal for a couple of days it will eventually go away as long as you do not reuse of course. However I do not address specific drugs, this is because they are so numerous that there is simply too much to mention. This program also does not replace qualified medical help if needed, so you might want to check with your doctor or research your substance to see what you are looking at. Why don’t I cover this? Because this program largely deals with the belief system issues, not medicine. None the less all substance addiction can be reversed with this program. Because as stated above all substance addiction is caused by your psychology and you how you develop your belief system determines whether or not you become a long term addict and now you know what steps to take (Steps 1-7 of The Pro-Sober Program) to effectively reverse this dilemma…

So now you can see why exactly I have created this program and what a profound impact it will have on your recovery! Yes I did it, this works, it worked for me and it will work for you. Simply believe in yourself and put forth your best effort to quit and start by visiting this link: FREE TEST DRIVE

However it is to be advised that research has proven that the majority of people who fail at something on average simply procrastinated even though they both knew what to do and could have done it. Do not wait. Act now. This could be your best recovery year ever! Simply perform each step 1-7, in order, and remember that you can do the first 5 steps simultaneously if you want to go through the program at a faster rate. Steps 1-5 takes about 2-4 months, Steps 6 takes about 2-4 months and Step 7 takes about 2-4 months, a total of 6 months to 1 year and you will never be the same ever again - so look forward to saying good by to ALL of the addict issues you have ever had once and for all and get it done, do NOT delay. Also remember that once you buy this you will have it for life, you’ll always have that same value that you can rely on and if you ever lose your files please immediately contact me through my contact form (I don't actually supply a backup service but I do replace products on a limited basis at my discretion).

Welcome to your journey to the top, addiction mastery above and beyond virtually anyone else. The complete reversal of your condition. The sooner you act the sooner you will overcome, it really is that simple. 

Recovery so simple, so easy, it is just a breeze…
Take it easy,
Douglas Bodaczewski
Creator of The Pro-Sober Program ©
Addiction Expert and Founder



Author/Producer: Douglas Bodaczewski
Price: $479.65 (includes 2 free packages; The Subliminal Powerhouse Package 1, The Subliminal Powerhouse Package 2, marked down 99.90)
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Purchase Includes 1 DVD Containing: STEPS 1-7 of THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM, The Subliminal Powerhouse Package 1, The Subliminal Powerhouse Package 2
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Author/Producer: Douglas Bodaczewski
Price: $ 649.60 (includes 2 free packages; The Subliminal Powerhouse Package 1, The Subliminal Powerhouse Package 2, marked down 99.90)
Availability: In stock.
Purchase Includes 1 DVD Containing: STEPS 1-7 of THE PRO-SOBER PROGRAM, The Subliminal Powerhouse Package 1,The Subliminal Powerhouse Package 2, The Infinity Meditation Forever Edition Package
Size: 110 files (approximate).
Format: PDF, MP3, MP4.
Language: English.
Requirements: PDF viewer (free) such as: “PDF Suite” or “Foxit Reader."
Contains brainwave entrainment products: No.
Delivery options: USPS delivery to any US STATE.
Support available: Email support available to all customers to ensure customer gets the absolute most value possible out of using products.
Author/Producer: Douglas Bodaczewski
Price: $ 379.80 (includes 1 free package; The Subliminal Powerhouse Package 1, marked down 49.95)
Availability: In stock.
Purchase Includes 1 DVD Containing: The Next Level: A Process Of Change 3rd Edition, The Subliminal Powerhouse Package 1,The Subliminal Powerhouse Package 2, The Infinity Meditation Self Development Edition Package, The Infinity Meditation Forever Edition Package.
Size: 48 files (approximate).
Format: PDF, MP3.
Language: English.
Requirements: PDF viewer (free) such as: “PDF Suite” or “Foxit Reader."
Contains brainwave entrainment products: No.
Delivery options: USPS delivery to any US STATE.
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